Youth Leadership Program


Empowering young Asian American girls become leaders in their communities

A core pillar of ASPIRE's programming, the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) aims to support the development of emerging Asian American female leaders.  Designed for young Asian American girls currently in high school, YLP caters to their specific needs as rising leaders in their social, academic, and future professional communities.  The program's approach focuses on building identity, encouraging self-confidence, and developing leadership skills.  

Building Identity

YLP prioritizes building identity as the first step to developing effective leaders.  Examining identity allows participants to assess the unique set of challenges that they face as young Asian American women.  YLP offers AsAm girls the chance to learn from other Asian American female leaders in the arts, business, and education, as they provide insight into navigating and deconstructing the racial and gender inequalities that exist in their academic, social, and professional communities.  

Encouraging Self-Confidence

YLP aims to foster a community of sisters that supports participants as they gain confidence in their identities and leadership abilities.   Participants are encouraged to find their own voice and to share their stories as inspiration for other individuals in their communities.  The young Asian American women in the program serve as positive role models for each other, creating a supportive network of peers that extends beyond their year in the program.  

Leadership Training

YLP empowers Asian American girls by supporting their growth as leaders. Program participants will learn to evaluate their own strengths and growth areas as a key leadership skill.  YLP provides participants opportunities to speak publicly, take initiative, and care for their own well-being.  As emerging leaders, YLP participants learn ways to identify and fulfill the specific needs of their respective academic, social, and future professional communities.  

Program Details

Duration and Location

The Youth Leadership Program will run from January 2018 to June 2018.  Sessions will be held every two weeks on Saturday afternoons in Downtown Boston, with a number of sessions held at different venues around Boston.  Each session will last about 2.5 hours. Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from sessions.   Applicants may express any concerns about transportation on the application. 


A modified version of the 2018 curriculum can be found below. 

How to Apply

Applications for the 2018 program year will close on December 22, 2017.   Applicants will be invited for interviews during the following week. Applicants will be notified about their acceptance into the 2018 YLP cohort within the following two weeks.  Please contact the YLP Co-Coordinators Bianca Eyales at or Jee Soo Kang at with any questions.  
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