ASPIRE aims to build and empower a community of Asian American women leaders through identity development, mentorship, and education 

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By ASPIRE 12 May, 2017
Last Monday, we practiced motivation and self-care. Maggie Walsh from Yoga Around Town  led us through a Vinyasa Flow workout, pushing us to find our inner warriors, planks, and eagles. Finding balance for some of those poses was as challenging as finding a good work-life balance! Getting us through the class, though, was the lighthearted and encouraging attitudes shared here.

Thanks everyone for joining our first fitness fundraiser! Shout out to Reebok Boston for generously welcoming us to their space and presenting other great programs like #FitFest. Hope to see more new brothers and sisters in ASPIRE's other  Events !
By ASPIRE 21 Apr, 2017

March 8th was our first Meet & Greet event, and what a wonderful turnout it was. With almost 60 RSVPs, and more than 20 new faces in attendance interested in learning about ASPIRE and finding out how they could join. Team Members introduced ourselves and shared ASPIRE’s new goals. 

If you weren't able to attend and want to learn about Volunteering opportunities, you can watch the recording here  and view the slides here . We spoke about our Youth Leadership Program  (YLP) and launching a new Mentorship Program , and then broke out into groups to meet and learn about one another. We loved everyone's enthusiasm and ideas!

We are also excited for several of these attendees to join us as new Team Members:

Grace Abe - Visual Design Manager, Marketing Team

Melanie Liu - Communications Manager, Marketing Team

Nischa Xiong - Mentorship Program Coordinator, Mentorship Program Team

Sheila Yang - Donor Relations Manager, Fundraising Team

We'll be introducing more new team members in the next few weeks. Together, during the past team retreat and meetings, we will be preparing for our May Fitness Series and other exciting events. Stay tuned for more details!

We are still recruiting team and Board members--particularly a YLP Board Liaison and Director and volunteers, Marketing Board Liaison, Co-Chair, and Mentorship Program volunteers. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please email us at

By ASPIRE 21 Aug, 2016
Inspired after our month with The Genki Spark, the YLP girls and mentors have been spending April preparing for the ASPIRE Youth Leadership Program final showcase on June 18th! The vision and program for the showcase is entirely directed by the YLP participants and will include their reflections on their family migration stories and their personal takeaways from the program.

It was a wonderful night.
By Millie Kwan 13 Mar, 2016
Our Speak Out Forum had 88 participants in attendance, with 54 total students. Participants especially enjoyed meeting a lot of great people and being able to have a safe and available space to share experiences. They thought that the forum was inspiring, relatable, eye-opening, informative, and just amazing. In particular, participants really benefited from learning about statistics regarding mental health in our community and enjoyed the emphasis of the forum on personal identity and self worth.

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